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Montagne enneigée
  • Why pack walks are best?
    Being in a pack is good for your dog. It allows them to socialize, to benefit from the canine codes and to relax by naturally fitting into their place in the pack. Such walks contribute to the overall health of your dog, in addition to offering them the joy of new friends and experiences.
  • How many dogs are on a pack walk?
    Each pack consists of a maximum of 4 dogs, with our proud leader Rory too. This allows us to take walks with complete peace of mind and give your dog all the attention they deserves. Choose the Private Walk if you want your dog to enjoy a solo experience.
  • Is the snow and cold a risk?
    Eating snow can, in large doses, cause vomiting and diarrhea. I'll make sure your dog doesn't get too greedy! Paws: Prepare your dog for his mountain trip by cutting the hair very short between the pads. This will prevent ice from forming and sticking around their feet. I recommend the use of special dog boots and socks as well as a coat for our short-haired, leaner, friends. Finally, know that there are protective balms for the pads, Val Dogs is always equipped with some of this balm.
  • Are the walks done on a leash?
    Yes, most of the time, since our walks have time slots and your dog is probably not familiar with the environment of Val d'Isère, we normally keep them on a lead. If your dog is comfortable, attentive and has great recall, part of the walk can be done independently, under constant supervision.
  • And safety?
    Val Dogs features: Professional insurance that protects me, protects your animals and thus covers all risks related to walks. PSCF (Canine and Feline First Aid) training + a canine first aid kit ACACED training (Certificate of Knowledge for Companion Animal Species) required to practice a profession related to animals. Neon collars for snowy days when visibility is reduced Finally, our walks take place away from road traffic and busy areas.
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